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Planning for mini collection!

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So, the Handmade Fashion Challenge 2015 begins! 

Last weekend, I did some major cleaning and decluttering. And it was such a drastic change! I loved getting rid of the things that had no impact on my life. 

I sat down to think about what I wanted to make for my mini collection. Something for the upcoming summer season, something more appropriate for work and nice dinner dates. These are what I came up with.


Shorts - Cynthia crochet shorts

I need a new pair of shorts! I have a lot of skirts and long jeans but I only have 3 pairs of shorts that are not for workout. I recently found this new pattern, Cynthia, and bought it to expand my crochet collection.


Top - Sydney top

I have been meaning to try something from Seamwork magazine by Colette Patterns. I think this Sydney top will be a perfect quickie project that will go a long way. It would look great with so many of my tank top and dresses. I think I might go with chambray fabric for this. 


Skirt - Sew Over It Ultimate Pencil Skirt

I love my pencil skirt that I bought from Korea in 2007. I still wear it to work often and it looks great. It's very flattering and makes my legs look long and lean. It's a wonder how I don't have more than 1 pencil skirt!

I have a lot of pencil skirt patterns but I think I'll try this pattern by Sew Over It. After all, the name says it all -- THE ULTIMATE pencil skirt :)



I used to have a Nice Claup cardigan, which was a hand-me-down from my cousin-in-law. It was in this soft ballet pink color and it went with everything I wore. The feminine color was perfect over dresses, and it was conservative silhouette appropriate for the office too. I had to throw it out last weekend during my declutter because it had a huge hole in the underarm and it was just not worth trying to fix it (who knows how long it will be before I get to it) and it broke my heart. I need to make one just like it!

I haven't decided which one to go for. I was hoping to find something with thinner yarn but these are the ones in my queue so far:

Snow Queen

Lodi Cardigan

Sadie Cardigan

I am going to do more research before deciding which pattern to go with!