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My love for ballet + my love for fabric = MY PASSION FOR LOOKING GOOD!!!


candyandbagel ballet skirt

I grew up taking ballet classes regularly for almost 7 years when I used to live in Korea. Then between moving to the US and having to "study hard so that I can get into a college," I had a long hiatus from ballet. About 4 years ago, I just randomly decided to go back to ballet, and loved the first ballet studio I went to, and just stayed with it. 

Now with a kid and a full time job, I can only show up for 1 class a week. But there's one thing that never changed. I always try to look properly dressed for the class. That means, leotards and tights, legwarmers over the pointe shoes, I also like to make ballet skirts! 

After a recent class, some students asked if I could make some skirts. Encouraged by their enthusiasm, I drafted and made a couple of styles in different fabrics. 

The more I work on these, the more I am feeling that this is going to be the new thing at Candy & Bagel!

I started making my own leotards and skirts because I wasn't finding anything I wanted to wear. Most dancewear companies make things for kids, and not enough for adult dancers. If you were professional, and already have the body of a ballet dancer, sure you will fit into those and look great! Or you have the ability to pay for more high-end brands with better fabric. They still don't solve the problem. Most adult dancers who dance recreationally, need more support in the right places, and need more coverage for better fit

I'm starting out with a small batch of skirts now, but plan to expand to legwarmers (knit!), warm-up sweaters (knit!), and other dancewear geared towards adult dancers. 

I am excited for this new chapter in Candy & Bagel's journey!


Review: Allure fiber wash by Bijou Basin Ranch

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As someone who knits and sews all the time, my closet is now full of things that I treasure, and carefully maintain. I don't trust the washing machine with my knits, especially. Even if it's knitted with superwash yarns, because I've had a couple of incidents where my superwash knit socks have felted or shrunk after being in the washing machine.

With the right products, and good timing, washing knits by hand doesn't take that much time or effort. I especially love products that let me wash without rinsing; the less I have to do, the better! 

Allure Wash is a new fiber wash product in the market this year. You're probably already familiar with Bijou Basin Ranch company, the one that makes beautiful, delicious yak yarns as well as other luxurious yarns. The company website promises that Allure effectively removes soils and odors but gentle enough to guard colors on delicate fabrics. The formula is all natural, no-rinse wash that leaves no residue.

The sample Allure fiber wash came in three bottles: in "Woodland Mist," "Prairie Breeze," and "Fragrance Free" version. 

I knew that I wanted to try one of the fragrant ones. The name, "Woodland Mist" really pulled me in. Other fiber washes I have tried had names that simply identified the fragrance as "Lavender" or "Citrus." The names on Allure bottles were somewhat mysterious. I imagined smelling pretty flowers in a romantically misty, foggy morning. 

I filled a medium size bucket with warm water first, and then put my short-sleeve version of Lady Mary cardigan in the bucket to soak it. Then I added a capful of the Woodland Mist fiber wash in the bucket, shook it around a bit to make it foamy. 

I like to do washing when I take a shower at night, because that way, I wouldn't forget about the knits soaking in water. Since natural fibers get weak in warm water, I don't like to keep my knits in water longer than necessary, but I often forget to check on it after waiting the recommended 10-15 minutes. So I just put it in the sink, let them soak while I take a shower, and then when I get out of the shower, I drain the water immediately. (Yay for no-rinse formula). 

How about the fragrance? So while I was washing the cardigan, I didn't actually notice any strong scent, which was a bit disappointing at first. Other products I've used before would immediately start smelling like perfume once I put it in the water. But then when I stepped out of the shower, I noticed that the entire bathroom was smelling so fresh, so light, and feminine. I was pleasantly surprised! It reminded me of luxurious spas or something.

I drained the water and squeezed out excess water before carefully putting it on a large bath towel and roll it gently to remove more water. Then I laid it out on the mesh sweater drying rack overnight.

My cardigan smells so fresh and lovely! It's merino wool and has some metal content that makes it metallic gold, so it was already buttery soft but now it feels clean and lofty. 

The samples came in generous 100ml bottles so I'm going to be reaching for these often from now on.  The actual product comes in 16 oz, 3.4 oz, and 0.23 oz (single-use packet) sizes. 

Product Name: Allure 
Category: Fine Fiber & Fabric Wash, Premium No-Rinse Formula
Manufacturer: Bijou Basin Ranch, Inc.
Washing and Drying Instructions: See the website
To Purchase: Allure Wash or Bijou Basin Ranch website



Disclaimer: This product was sent to me to review by Stitchcraft Marketing and Allure Wash/Bijou Basin Ranch, Inc. The opinions in this post and blog are entirely mine, and I was not otherwise paid, compensated, contracted, or obligated to review this product.