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Other Obsessions: {Handspun} some hand dyed Panda and new BFL!

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It's much easier to spin than to knit with a newborn. I can just wear him in my ring sling or Boba wrap and just go. So last week, I finished the panda roving I dyed back in January. 


I originally wanted this to be sock yarn but the twist didnt come out tight enough. 


Hopefully, this is enough for a lace shawl. I plied with metallic thread so that the sunshine color really gets maximized.  


for my next project, I took out this top by Yarn Hollow. It was gifted to me when the Ashford Kiwi group of Ravelry did a swap fore than 2 years ago! So the top was a bit felted from just sitting there in my spinning closet but it was still fun to spin!


Other Obsessions: {Sewing} Colette Patterns Sorbetto

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Sorbetto Top

Pattern: Sorbetto Top, a free pattern by Colette Patterns

Size: Sz 4

Fabric: Poly Georgette from (1 yd)


This free pattern by Colette Patterns is extremely popular among the home sewists. I am not surprised. For one, it has been designed by one of the most beloved designers in the indie sewing pattern industry. And, it's free! And it's super simple, you can put it together in one afternoon, and customize it however you want it.


For the projects I do before Logan's arrival, I wanted to keep everything simple. Plus, I was a bit overwhelmed by the slippery quality of the georgette fabric. I love the drape and feel of slippery fabrics and I tend to binge shop for the kind of fabrics, but when it comes to actually working with them, I'm not very good.


So I decided to keep the design as is, and just let this experience be just that. Getting experience working with slippery fabric. I didn't love it, it wasn't as enjoyable as working with crispy fabrics, but it wasn't horrible either. I just wish I knew how to make the pleat look sharper.


I went to JoAnn to find double-fold bias tape that would match the fabric, but couldn't find the perfect shade of coral. So I instead chose the metallic gold tape. I kind of love it.


Other Obsessions: {Sewing} Laurel Dress

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Pattern: Laurel Dress from Colette Patterns
Fabric: Michael Levine Loft 
If you're interested, there are official Laurel Dress hack/variations you can download from Colette Patterns' website. 

To say that I love Colette Patterns and love shopping at Michael Levine (Especially their Loft store, where they sell fabric BY THE POUND) is an understatement. Yes, I do love going pattern shopping at a local JoAnn store whenever they have those $1 sales, but I just really love the quality of the products made by indie designers, and I have a LOT of Colette Patterns sewing patterns as they were the first one that I discovered when I got into sewing.

My latest addition to my handmade clothing closet is this Laurel Dress, a simple shift dress that doesn't break up the wild print pattern of this fabric. Before cutting up the fabric, I looked at the fabric pattern carefully, to make sure that the bodice, sleeves, and the cuffs all show off the different part of the fabric. So the bodice was cut from the middle (fold) section of the fabric, sleeves are from the edges close to the selvedges, and the cuffs are from somewhere between the middle section and the edges. 

I cut 4 of the cuffs pattern piece to line it, and made sure that I try 2 different parts of the fabric for the pair, and picked the one I thought best suited the sleeves print. 

The finishing touch that I really like in this design is the neck binding. I thought about buying green bias tape, but felt that was too match-y. I had this 1/4" bias tape at home in black and used that instead, and I think it was a good choice. 

Because the design doesn't have any darts or waist shaping, I can still fit into it (at Week 38 of the pregnancy!). This afternoon, my husband and I are going to a working rehearsal of American Ballet Theatre's Sleeping Beauty debut at Segerstrom Hall, and I will definitely be wearing this.