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Marty's Unfortunate Sweater - RFO (Refinished Object)

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The end (hopefully) of a 6-year journey:

To recap very quickly: Marty and me, dating. Adopted a dog. Second day, the dog ate Marty's sweater. Sweater was one of the only 2 sweaters he had. The knitter girlfriend promises a sweater. Girlfriend becomes wife. Finally at 4-year anniversary, she casts on the sweater. Finishes the sweater in December 2014. Sleeves don't fit right. Baby born. Sleeves refinished now in November 2015.

The said dog who ate Marty's Sweater in this picture:

he has been very good to our sweaters since then so I hope no more unfortunate incidents. :)

otherwise, Marty will have to wait another 5 years for a new sweater.


O my deer..

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Last year, I stashed this free pattern because although I hate the idea of taxidermy, this fauxidermy of the deer head is cute. 

It's my official first felting project. I've felted small knitted balls for Bagel to play with before but never followed a pattern to felt in the end. I swatched the yarn and put it through my front-loading washer to see if it even felts because I heard that front loaders aren't really good for felting. The swatch felted up beautifully.

Unfortunately, the project itself hardly felted. It shrank a lot and I like how tight it looks but the stitches are still very visible. Could it be because I stuffed them too much? I followed the instruction in the pattern, so I stuffed the pieces first, and put it in the lingerie bag just in case the stuffing came out, and then threw it in the washer with a couple of towels. 

It still looks cute like this but I'm going to try again! It would make such a cute holiday gift. 



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Lightweight sweaters for fall. Tee: Handknit, "Sweet Lil' Tee" pattern; Coat: Burberry; Jeans: AG Jeans Bootcut.

Lightweight sweaters for fall. Tee: Handknit, "Sweet Lil' Tee" pattern; Coat: Burberry; Jeans: AG Jeans Bootcut.

Last Sunday, the Daylight Saving Time ended and we did "fall backward." (as in Spring Forward/Fall Backward, for those of you not in the U.S.) And as if the weather finally realized it was time to move on, it rained on Monday. 

And today, I officially feel chilly in my sleeveless top and PJ shorts. This, my friends, officially marks the beginning of "colder season" in Southern California. 

Obviously, I wait all year for this time to wear all my handknits. Socks for bedtime and morning, sweaters and shawls for walking the dogs, and hats for rainy days. And I like to wear lightweight sweaters like my Sweet Lil' Tee for this transitional time into more colder season. 


Although the tee has cap sleeves, it is knitted in 100% merino wool. It is very insulating and therefore, all it needs is a light coat or a jacket to complete the look for the season. 

To accessorize, I like to keep things simple -- a men's watch ("borrowed" from my husband), orange brown lipstick, with tall heels to match the bootcut jeans.