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O my deer..

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Last year, I stashed this free pattern because although I hate the idea of taxidermy, this fauxidermy of the deer head is cute. 

It's my official first felting project. I've felted small knitted balls for Bagel to play with before but never followed a pattern to felt in the end. I swatched the yarn and put it through my front-loading washer to see if it even felts because I heard that front loaders aren't really good for felting. The swatch felted up beautifully.

Unfortunately, the project itself hardly felted. It shrank a lot and I like how tight it looks but the stitches are still very visible. Could it be because I stuffed them too much? I followed the instruction in the pattern, so I stuffed the pieces first, and put it in the lingerie bag just in case the stuffing came out, and then threw it in the washer with a couple of towels. 

It still looks cute like this but I'm going to try again! It would make such a cute holiday gift. 


FO: Campside Shawl

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Mommy's postpartum project: Campside Shawl, designed by Alicia Plummer for Pom Pom Quarterly | Handmade Fashion at Candy & Bagel

Mommy's postpartum project: Campside Shawl, designed by Alicia Plummer for Pom Pom Quarterly | Handmade Fashion at Candy & Bagel

I finished my shawl last week and have been wearing it everyday! It's perfect to throw on before going to ballet or at night when I'm reading by the window.

WIPs & FOs: Spud & Chloe Popsicle Socks, First sock knitted!

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There's only one WIP that I am currently working on these days and that is these Popsicle Socks.

I just cast off the first sock on Sunday afternoon, but haven't had a chance to cast on the second sock yet. These days, all of my time is spent on sewing! (more on that coming tomorrow)

Popsicle Sock pattern is still on sale - Use the discount code: Stripey when checking it out on Ravelry. It's a $9 pattern, and you get 50% off so it's a REALLY good deal.

Also if you've missed my review on last Friday, check it out here --> Review & Giveaway

The sock has good memory, and has very different texture from all the other socks I have in my sock drawer. It's not cashmere-soft, but it's not scratchy at all, it's stretchy, and warm, but not TOO warm. I am probably going to start the second sock tonight and slowly finish it over the next few weeks.

I'm glad I got at least the first sock done this week. Things at home are getting very exciting and busy. Figuring that I could still knit with a newborn baby (hello, babywearing!) but not sew that easily, I have been sewing at least 3~4 projects per week since D-21. This is also a way for me to ensure I have stuff to share with you guys after the baby is born. I still want this space to be sewing & knitting/fiber arts space, not a personal/motherhood blog!