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Other Obsessions: Sweet Georgia SW Merino and Plying Squoosh Fiberarts SW BLS

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Sweet Georgia Superwash Merino 100% Superwash Merino Spinning Fibre, 100g, in "Spring Garden"

Sweet Georgia Superwash Merino 100% Superwash Merino Spinning Fibre, 100g, in "Spring Garden"

This week, I am spinning on the 100% Superwash Merino wool that the nice people at Sweet Georgia gave me for my spin-to-knit design project. 

Direction: Z, Ratio 14:1.  

Direction: Z, Ratio 14:1.  

I divided the roving into two 50-gram bumps lengthwise, and then further divided them into 8 bumps, all lengthwise. I'll be spinning 4 bumps on one bobbin, and then the remaining 4 on the other bobbin, then ply them into 2-ply light fingering sock yarn, for my next sock design.

Squoosh Fiberarts SW BFL single. Spun in Z direction, at 16:1 ratio.

Squoosh Fiberarts SW BFL single. Spun in Z direction, at 16:1 ratio.

I'm also finished with spinning SW BFL from Squoosh Fiberarts into single. I didn't get any extra bobbins when I ordered my Ladybug from Schacht earlier this year, so I just ordered one extra bobbin from The Woolery during their Black Friday sale. When that arrives, I'll Navajo ply this single! :)

I'm happy that my Ladybug is getting a lot of love these days. Over the summer, I couldn't bring myself to hold the roving for a long time in the 90 degree weather. I've heard that some spinners having a hard time sitting at their spinning wheel for a long time during their pregnancy, but so far I have not had any trouble, fortunately.

I hope I can show you my finished SW BFL next week!

Other Obsessions: Superwash BFL by Squoosh Fiberarts

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This is what I'm spinning right now:



I first heard of Squoosh Fiberarts as a sample knitter 4~5 years ago. I was working for an independent knitwear designer whose design used these beautiful yarns from Squoosh, and at that point in my knitting life, I had already graduated from using yarns from Michaels or other big box stores to using more quality yarns from smaller manufacturers, but I hadn't worked with any indie dyers' yarns. Squoosh was definitely my first.

When I first started spinning on spinning wheels, I started collecting handdyed fibers from various indie dyers, but Squoosh was always in my stash. I even joined their Yarn Club so that I could get their gorgeous yarns every month. :) 

The fiber I'm working with is Squoosh's Superwash BFL (4 oz) in "2025" colorway. It has a bit of orange-red, dark brown, dark blue-gray, and light blue, and then spots of undyed natural fiber. This has been sitting in my stash for a while because I wanted to save it for when I felt more confident with my spinning.


This is going to be sock yarn, so I'm spinning this pretty fine, and in whole, just starting at the top of the fiber to the end; no dividing to play with the color sequence or anything. And will be plied in chain plying technique, since that's what I am most comfortable with in terms of controlling the twists.

Spin-ability: The fiber is very soft, and dyed really well so that it's not at all matted, pilled, felted, or damaged in any other way. It spins like butter. I just pull a little bit out with no resistance, and it consistently spins at the same drafting speed.


Color repeats: I pre-draft a little bit just to blend the transition between the colors, and they're just gorgeous. I especially like the dark blue gray color. 

Conclusion: I cannot wait to ply this up! I'm halfway done with spinning the fiber, just under 2oz left to go.