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Life Things: Black Friday Haul & Last Trimester!

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So finally, the 3rd and the LAST trimester is starting.

I'm doing really well! So far, I don't have any leg cramps, no backache, no swelling, no other real symptoms to speak of.. My energy level is a little lower than pre-pregnancy now but I can still do 1-hour ballet class with no problem. 

In the last week or so, my belly finally started growing! I'm still at the same weight since Wk 24~25, and those jeans are still the same J Brand jeans I bought 2 weeks before I found out I was pregnant. Because my belly is growing higher up in the belly button area, I can still comfortably wear my jeans. 

I am feeling very smug about that. And half seriously and half jokingly telling myself that I'm saving money for more sock yarns by not needing to buy maternity clothes :P

Speaking of which, BLACK FRIDAY HAUL.

We just had Thanksgiving a couple of weeks ago in the U.S., and throughout the week, a lot of stores, including small businesses and indie dyers had a lot of good Thanksgiving sale deals.

My first #DestashChallenge reward: Yarn Ink's Sock yarn in "Love in an Elevator" colorway.

My first #DestashChallenge reward: Yarn Ink's Sock yarn in "Love in an Elevator" colorway.

This beauty is from Yarn Ink on Etsy, based in Calgary, Canada. I love all of the colorways Elysia dyes up for her shop. It finally arrived yesterday! I say finally only because I have been waiting since the day I ordered it. It took just 6 business days from Order to Receive. 

New tote bag from the Plucky Knitter!

New tote bag from the Plucky Knitter!

I have a few skeins of yarns from the Plucky Knitter and follow her works.. For Thanksgiving, the blog had some shop updates, but what really grabbed my shopping antenna was this tote with their new logo! 

California just passed the law that bans the use of plastic bags from the grocery markets, so I have been collecting any tote bags for grocery shopping lately. So a lot of spare ones that I used to use as my project bags have gone to the shopping purposes. This one is definitely going to be my favorite project bag! It's quite roomy and I love the lightness of it.

3 sets of Knitter's Pride Dreamz DPNs in Szs 0, 1, and 1.5; and Knitter's Pride Magma Pattern Holder

3 sets of Knitter's Pride Dreamz DPNs in Szs 0, 1, and 1.5; and Knitter's Pride Magma Pattern Holder


I have talked about Handsome Fibers several times now on this blog. They also had a Thanksgiving sale, so I stayed up at midnight to order these. I recently discovered the beauty of working with DPNs without breaking them, so I ordered more! 

Then I saw this pattern holder. I never needed one but recently I have been knitting more in public again, and felt like I needed something to carry my charts and patterns. This also kind of hides my knitting from curious lookers so I don't get asked too many questions in public. :P I don't mind knitting in public; I just dislike it when people ask too many questions and comment on my knitting. I just want to be in peace!

The last thing I ordered was from Woolery. Their Black Friday started on Friday midnight, but they are on the Central Time zone, so I didn't have to stay up too late. I needed an extra bobbin for my Ladybug wheel, and as one of the first 100 customers, I also got a free bottle of Fiber Rinse! 

Because of my current #DestashChallenge, I didn't go too crazy with all the irresistible holiday sales but still scored some nice deals on the things I really love.