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Torrance Fiber Festival & an Update

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Nov 7!My 26th BIRTHDAY! In fact, I've been celebrating my birthday all week. My hubby was so sweet to get me an early bday present this year. And made this week so full of surprises!


A KINDLE!!!!!!

I've been saving up for this slowly but hubby beat me to it. It's all so lovely.

I uploaded all my ebooks there and started reading! It's actually taking away my knitting time! =D

It's Free Wifi + 3G one so I can get online anytime! I'm in love with this. OMG.


2. Sumi Jo's Concert

so sure, this wasn't a surprise. When I saw the poster for Sumi Jo's concert few days ago, I shrieked and told hubby that I MUST GO! I grew up listening to Sumi Jo, my parents always took my sister and me to her concert every time she was in Korea. I had to share this with my hubby! I booked the cheapest tickets and got the seats behind the orchestra (chorale terrace?). I loved watching the orchestra up so close, it brought back wonderful memories of my days in the youth orchestra. And, Sumi Jo was, as I always remember, the pure perfection.

Here's the surprise part: Hubby actually enjoyed it! He's never really been to that many classical concerts but he kept asking questions and read the program from cover to cover. And yesterday he started listening to the classical music radio station!

I was sooo glad he enjoyed it as much as I did. =)


3.  Surprise Party

I've never had a surprise party for myself! Thank you hubby for organizing this, AND friends who came to celebrate at Plush Karaoke! LOVED it! The songs, the Apple Beer (more like Appletini Juice), and the cake! YUMMO.


4. The Fiber Festival


Yes, it's all a part of my birthday. This year's Torrance Fiber Festival decided to fall on my Birthday. Yay!


Like last year, there were soooo many booths with gorgeous yarns and rovings and stitch markers, and other accessories. I stopped at this indie dyer's booth called RedFish Dye Works. They literally had silk yarns dyed in all the colors of the spectrum. I couldn't leave the place without buying anything. So, I got 2 hanks of 100% silk yarn in 20/2 lace weight:

Purple one is colorway P3d; charcoal BGb14d ($14.50 per 50g; 450yd)


Then a bit later, I stumbled upon a booth that was going out of business. They even had their fixtures on sale. I scored 4 cakes of yarn in lace weight (I'm addicted to making shawls!) in earth color.

$3.50 per cake! $14 total.



As for the Holiday Challenge.... I'm like 2 days behind now. No biggie, but still have to make some changes to my initial plan...

New Schedule:

EZ’s seamless hybrid sweater

11/7~10 Body

11/11~12 Sleeves

11/13 Saddle

11/14 Finish. Swatch for Mom’s sweater

ChicKnits Basic Pulli

11/15~16 Body

11/17 Sleeves

11/18 Finish; Swatch for Sister’s sweater vest

Laretto Vest

11/19~21 Body

11/22 Finish; Swatch for Chanel’s sweater

11/23~25 Chanellette (During road trip to San Jose)

11/26~12/1 Neighborly

12/1 Swatch for Marty’s Men’s Cable Cardigan; Start Button Tunic

12/2~12/4 Button Tunic

12/5~12/8 Marty’s cardigan body

12/8~10 Sleeves

12/12 Finish

12/12~13 Fingerless mitts

12/14~15 Fingerless mitts

12/16~18 Destroyed Cowl

12/19~12/23 Shawl

So far, I’m on schedule! =D At this rate, I should be done with this sweater on time or a day early.

Diminishing Cardigan and ALMOST THERE

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<Bar> It's amazing. Only about a week left till THE DAY. I'll be heading up to Ontario next Monday.

I've been trying to put a positive spin on this whole bar exam thing for a long time: Example) I searched for yarn shops nearby= none, well not close enough anyway. 2) good food? Maybe, but being vegetarian, there aren't that many options there either, 3) shopping? I know there's Ontario Mills; I've been to it, it's ok, reminds me of home in Atlanta (We have Discvoery Mills).

I'm not as stressed out as I expected or as other people who are taking the bar. I think that's how it is generally for most people at our school. I'm listening to people freak out about their exams in different states, even though their passage rates are something as absurd as 80%!

I am also blessed with almost-photographic memory; but cursed with lack of stamina. As recommended by our professors, I tried to study close to 10~12 hours in the last two weeks. Can't be done. First day was ok, but from the second day, I kept falling asleep in the afternoon, and couldn't get up in the morning.

So here's my new schedule; shorten every block suggested by the school by 1 hour. So I start studying around 9~12:30. I'm really a morning person so I am more efficient in the morning. I memorize the approach for a subject per day in the morning. Lunch. Then come back, relax for a bit, and start against at 3pm~6pm, going over some practice questions and essays. I try to write out at least 1 essay, but mostly outline. If there's a topic that I'm not really good at, I'll write out the IRAC. Then I have dinner, and I simply relax, and go over the rules again from 8~9:30/10. So that's about 8 hours.

Right now, I'm feeling calm, and ready. Feeling pretty confident. Just have to keep this up.


I thank knitting for keeping me sane throughout this whole process. I started on this Diminishing Rib Cardigan from Interweave Knits when Bar/Bri began. Understandably, I'm not as prolific as I used to be during the school year, but I'm almost done with this cardigan. I may be able to wear it to Ontario!

[gallery link="file" columns="2" orderby="title"]

Tubular CO was ignored, but I liked Tubular Bind Off.  But I can't decide whether it looks SUBSTANTIALLY nicer than EZ's Sewn-off bind off, which I think is easier than tubular bind off.

I am working on the sleeves using 2-at-a-time, my favorite way of doing the sleeves. I always do my sleeves on one long cable needle because 1) I like doing it once, and get it over with, 2) I don't want to run out of yarn.

I'm one inch into the last 3x1 ribbing on the sleeves so I'll probably be able to finish up the sleeves tomorrow, and then bind off by Wednesday. =)

Did everyone have a good 4th of July?

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Fourth of July Mine was ok. The day before, on Friday, my best friend Karen came down to visit and spent a night.

It's always great just two of us. We cooked, talked (about everything: Michael Jackson, our friends, boys--kekekeke, my bar exam, my knitting, her work, her friends, church, parents...), took a walk around the lake... We ended up talking until 3:30am!

The next morning, we woke up around 8ish, cooked again, and prepared for our little picnic at Mile Square Park.

Korean style picnic!

Lake @ Mile Square Park

It was absolutely beautiful: breezy, sunny, and warm. There were a lot of people, but it wasn't crowded at all, since this park is just HUGE.  I had fun.. I ended up knitting a bit on my Diminishing Rib Cardigan a bit, while Karen napped. Would've been so great to go back there with Marty. =) And it was so great to take some time off from studying.

Current WIPs

Diminishing Rib Cardigan, Log Cabin Blanket a.k.a. July 09 Bar Blanket. Still haven't finished Mangyle. Not gonna stress about it.

Diminishing Rib Cardigan: I'm almost done with the body, and will be moving onto sleeves very soon. So far, I like the color and texture of the fabric. I think this is going to be a very cute cardigan when it's done. However, I don't like how magazines like Interweave Knits or Vogue Knitting print the patterns. More paragraphs, please. I ended up writing the pattern on a separate notebook so I don't make a mistake...

Moderne Log Cabin: I'm on #5 now. I'm kind of debating whether to buy some more yarns to finish this blanket, which would kind of defeat the very purpose of why I chose to do this blanket (stash buster!). But I love the texture, and how thick it feels. I already kind of use it when I take a short nap in the library.

Felicity: I'm also trying out Felicity hat on some scrap yarn I had; I'm gonna knit a practice piece for Marty's approval, and then knit it in malabrigo worsted in dreamy Dark Earth color. =)  Very easy to follow the pattern, but I took the advice of many other knitters who already made one and cast on 90sts (instead of 70). I'm also working with US 6, throughout. I also added a 2x2 ribbing section on the edge, instead of purl & St st.

You gotta check out Brooklyn Tweed when you get a chance. I just found out about his blog today, but I'm familiar with many of his original patterns. Very Norah Gaughan-esque and very detailed and sensitive. I especially love his sense when it comes to selecting colors. It's so classy!