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Grinchalong: A basic vest for me.

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When I first started knitting years ago, I started getting busy in October, trying to decide and make all the gifts for my friends and family. Now, I don't do that anymore. I still make and gift things all year long, even charge people for some of them, but holiday season now means much more to me than gifts.

The trade in for buying gifts is that I get to spend more time with my family at shopping malls, putting the kiddo on the carousel, visit the Santa House, and just in general, having a laid back time at home. 

It's December 30 today, and my company has today and Monday off -- which means Kiddo's also out of school until then, so we're going to cook Taiwanese hot pot today, enjoy our last day of 2016 tomorrow, and open the new year's day with holiday buffet. Instead of trying to pull all nighters to finish gift knitting, I took some time off from work and reorganize my stash, clean up my sewing space, worked on a few WIPs... and focused on finishing something for myself for. a change.

Just in time for the Knitmore Girls' #Grinchalong contest - the idea is that knitting/sewing/hobby should always bring joy to you, instead of stress. 

I cast on for this sweater since I had this yarn for a vest for few years now, and I haven't made anything for myself in a long time. It's usually socks for me, or sweaters/vests for Kiddo. This was just 6 days ago, and the process has been very relaxing on my new wooden knitting needles. I'm working on the neckband and armbands right now and it'll all be done soon. :)


{WIPs} Baby's formalwear in progress

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Last week, I planned to make a Dior-inspired outfit for Logan and got the perfect fabric for it. I decided to go with a knitted vest even though the original is probably double knit fabric in stripes.

So here is the vest:

I cast on the vest on Saturday evening, right before the second show of my recital, and was able to almost finish it. I seamed and did the finishing touches the next morning. 

Yarn: Patons Classic Wool in Black and Madelinetosh Tosh Merino in Silver Fox.

Pattern: My own. I just winged it, looking at the picture.

Needles: US 7/4.5mm 

I normally would never mix regular wool yarn with superwash, but this is really for the look and I didn't want to go buy another yarn. Besides I handwash all my knits regardless of whether the yarn is superwash so it should be ok. It's not like Logan will be wearing this all the time. By the time it's cool enough to wear a worsted weight vest here, he will be too big for it!

Dior-inspired vest is done in Paton's Classic Wool (Black) and Madelinetosh Tosh Merino (Silver Fox). | Handmade Fashion at Candy + Bagel

Dior-inspired vest is done in Paton's Classic Wool (Black) and Madelinetosh Tosh Merino (Silver Fox). | Handmade Fashion at Candy + Bagel

Now I have cut the shirt and pants. Both are super quick projects I have done before Logan was born, and luckily had traced the pattern already. Now, finding time to actually sew is tricky. Either, I can do it while Logan is awake.. which is a short window of time, unless I wear him. Or, I could wait until my husband comes home and entertains the baby while I sew. I find that I'm more productive when I sew while I'm alone with the baby, though, which means I have to take frequent breaks, because I'm too afraid of waking up the baby with the sewing machine noise =P

I think I should be done with everything by the end of this week! I can't wait to put everything on Logan!

{Sewing} Planning formalwear for Baby Logan

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Now that Logan is almost 3 months (5 more days!), we feel a little more comfortable bringing him to fancier places. We have a friend's wedding coming up next weekend, and I already bought a cute onesie with bowtie print and black pants but that one outfit really started me off thinking about fancy outfits for my little man.

I saw this Dior Homme collection in the recent Zoo magazine and instantly started picturing Logan in that outfit! It's simple, chic, and so grown up! 


Last week, I went on Michael Levine's website to shop for some fabrics (since I haven't done any long distance driving with Logan yet, I opted for online shopping instead). I found these fabrics and thought it would make a perfect Dior-inspired outfit for Logan!

Daysail - Tiny Script - ML288307 - Creamy White-per yard  

Daysail - Tiny Script - ML288307 - Creamy White-per yard 

Daysail - Tiny Script - ML288307 - Creamy White-per yard   

Daysail - Tiny Script - ML288307 - Creamy White-per yard 

Pinstripe Suiting - ML229491 - Dark Grey-per yard

Pinstripe Suiting - ML229491 - Dark Grey-per yard

And of course, the vest will be knitted. I love the subtle poofiness of the vest - I think it's done in double knit fabric? But the poofiness reminds me of Logan's small but round belly! I can't wait to cast on for this vest in black and white.

It would be even more awesome if I dress him this and go to an event where someone actually NOTICES that this was Dior-inspired. :D