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Grinchalong: A basic vest for me.

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When I first started knitting years ago, I started getting busy in October, trying to decide and make all the gifts for my friends and family. Now, I don't do that anymore. I still make and gift things all year long, even charge people for some of them, but holiday season now means much more to me than gifts.

The trade in for buying gifts is that I get to spend more time with my family at shopping malls, putting the kiddo on the carousel, visit the Santa House, and just in general, having a laid back time at home. 

It's December 30 today, and my company has today and Monday off -- which means Kiddo's also out of school until then, so we're going to cook Taiwanese hot pot today, enjoy our last day of 2016 tomorrow, and open the new year's day with holiday buffet. Instead of trying to pull all nighters to finish gift knitting, I took some time off from work and reorganize my stash, clean up my sewing space, worked on a few WIPs... and focused on finishing something for myself for. a change.

Just in time for the Knitmore Girls' #Grinchalong contest - the idea is that knitting/sewing/hobby should always bring joy to you, instead of stress. 

I cast on for this sweater since I had this yarn for a vest for few years now, and I haven't made anything for myself in a long time. It's usually socks for me, or sweaters/vests for Kiddo. This was just 6 days ago, and the process has been very relaxing on my new wooden knitting needles. I'm working on the neckband and armbands right now and it'll all be done soon. :)


WIPs & FOs: "Christmas-y" Socks and Stripey Socks.. and socks.. and socks..

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Marty's "Christmas-y" Socks

Marty's "Christmas-y" Socks

Two FOs last week! 

Marty's Christmas Socks

I've never made my husband Christmas knits before. His mom is Buddhist and his dad is Christian.. Marty is interested in both religion equally, and is respectful of both. I also respect his culture and upbringing so we always treat Christmas as a regular holiday, instead of religious holiday.

This year, I just found this yarn in my stash during my destashchallenge planning, and decided to make him a pair of Christmas-y socks, just because. It wasn't supposed to be a big deal, and since I wasn't really doing any holiday knitting (#Grinch-A-Long!) I didn't feel pressured to finish these by Christmas or anything.

The pattern I used was Vanilla Latte again, but I guess I only used the stitch pattern. Because I wanted to use afterthought heel on these, I modified the pattern to fit his feet and improvised a lot. 

Yarn: Yarn Love Amy March Fingering 100% SW Merino, 2-ply sock yarn; Knit Picks Stroll, 75% SW Merino 25% Nylon. 

Needles: US 1 (my newfound love Knitter's Pride DPNs!)

Thoughts: With a 2-ply yarn, I think I should've gone down a size. These are very soft and squishy but I'm afraid they might not last long. Hopefully Knit Picks toes and heels will help.

My Stripey Socks

I finally finished my Stripey socks out of Patons Kroy Sock yarn. 

My stripey socks

My stripey socks

So these were obviously very easy to knit. The only thing I messed up was that one night, Marty and I were going to some event in LA, and I wanted to knit on these socks in the car. But it has been getting dark earlier and earlier these days, and I didn't see that one stitch was actually split, so I made a stitch only on one ply. I didn't see it until I was done with the toe.

So instead of ripping it out, I did a duplicate stitch on that one stitch. Fortunately it wasn't on the underside of the sock, so the duplicate stitch wouldn't bother me when I walk.


The first WIP project is Marty's vest, in Cascade 220 (Worsted). I cast this on a LONG time ago, finished the Back, and let it hibernate. Fortunately, like the Sportweight one, I found notes I took while knitting the Back, so I was able to cast on the Front with no problem.

WIP: Marty's Worsted weight vest in Cascade 220 - Black

WIP: Marty's Worsted weight vest in Cascade 220 - Black

The second WIP is my Hermoine's Everyday Socks, out of my own handdyed Cascade Heritage Silk.

WIP: My Hermoine's Everyday Socks, out of my handdyed Cascade Heritage Silk.

WIP: My Hermoine's Everyday Socks, out of my handdyed Cascade Heritage Silk.

Lastly, another sock project!

WIP: My Christmas socks, out of Shibui Sock and Cascade Heritage black leftover.

WIP: My Christmas socks, out of Shibui Sock and Cascade Heritage black leftover.

These are just going to be Vanilla Socks, with black contrasting toes, heels, and cuffs, except I think I'm going to try short-row heel on these instead of afterthought heel.

Alright. That's it! Lots of sock project this week again, hopefully I'll have more FOs next week!