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One of the things I looked forward to doing after the bar was.... OF COURSE, KNITTING! I've been busy doing a lot of knitting. I completed a lot of small projects like a shawl, and other accessories for gifts.

personal pattern

Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Wheat, 1.5 balls

Pattern: Personal design.

Needles: US 10

Please ignore the background, haha, it's embarrassing. But this was a quick knit. I was inspired to knit it after seeing a similar one at MaxMara for a price I'd never pay for a simple shawl. It didn't even feel like exceptionally good material, either! So, HAH! There! I made one for under $8 and in 2 days.

Phone Cover

Yarn: Sugar n Cream in Pink

Needle: Crochet Hook E

Pattern: Personal pattern (all sc, a long rectangle, sewn one side)

Button: On sale from The Red Bee in Tustin, CA

This one was a gift for my sister's new phone. She moved to San Diego last week, and right before she moved, she got a new phone that slides to the side for QWERTY keys. So I made this one in one evening, and she was soooo happy! It was an easy crochet project for me, since I just learned how to crochet few weeks ago. I love how it turned out too, the button was so perfect for the look.

And lastly...

Free pattern; also in Last Minute Knitted Gift

Yarn: Paton Soy Wool Stripe (SWS) in two different colors. Can't remember hehehe

Needle: US 8

Pattern: A free gift, but also found in Last-Minute Knitted Gift by Joelle Hoverson

Originally, the pattern calls for Noro Kureyon but 1) I don't want to have something that feels like a heavy-duty cleaning sponge  on my neck, 2) I don't want to pay almost $20 for something that feels like a heavy-duty cleaning sponge. This SWS is also not the softest yarn for a scarf, but at least it's tolerable, and I got this on sale at The Red Bee, a lovely crafts store in Tustin, CA so I spent around $10 for the scarf.

Ok, so now, on to the WIPs. I'm currently knitting:

1) my dad's Christmas present "Daddy's Vest": Cascade 220 (Vashion Island Heather;9465) 4 balls, US 7, personal pattern

2) my sister's netbook sleeve: Berroco Comfort, in RED (very hot and fiery red), 2 balls, US 2, personal pattern

3) practice fingerless mitts: Paton Classic Wool Merino in Leaf Green. This yarn is special to me, kind of. It's one of the yarns Marty has ever gotten for me, as a surprise for me after school one day. And~ it's discontinued. Paton now has Classic Wool, without merino in it.

Dad's vest is all my design. It's just a classic pullover pattern with a cable design in the middle. I especially looove the yarn. Although I got it from a LYS that I would not personally go back due to some negative experiences there, I love the color. I was originally thinking to get simply solid black yarn, either Cascade 220 or other comparable sturdy, workhorse yarn. But while I was this particular LYS, I found this color and it was PERFECT. It looks so natural and almost homespun.

Other than knitting, I'm just desperately searching for jobs, like everyone else who are waiting for the bar results. I'm going to be seriously broke. Sigh.